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2022 Demo Reel

Aerial Services

We offer a range of solutions from everything to real estate photography, project site monitoring and mapping. We also offer inspection services using our drones cameras high zoom function. Every mission is individually planned to ensure the safety of the pilot and the surrounding area.

- Add a birds eye view of your property to really show it off-

-Minimize Climbing hazards and increase safety!!-

-Monitor project sites and track progress from start to finish -

-Turn potential project sites into working 2D/3D computer models -

Photography & Videography

-"Capture the world from a perspective you never thought possible."

Editing / Postproduction

-"We utilize some of the best software and technology available to deliver you and your clients a professional look."

FAA Licensed and Insured Pilots!

"Keep safety in mind with every project knowing your pilots are certified and insured. We value the safety of both our pilots and the client and take the time to plan every mission according to the laws of the FAA. "

HomePoint Drone Photography / Videography Phone: (904)-373-4009Email: Fortner0910@gmail.com